Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rhizo15 and what we leave behind

As I think about the question of a practical guide for rhizomatic learning, I keep returning to the notion of 'what do we leave behind'? I'm a big fan of evidence, and of digital badges. How can we issue badges rhizomatically?

The initial thought was 'get one give one' where someone 'seeds' the first round of badges, then those recipients issue badges, and so on. 

Then I thought about ways to issue the same badge to different people, but without a single authority issuing. We can make badges claim-able by entering a code. Once the code goes public, anyone could claim it. We can add an artifact requirement of evidence, that must be provided with the code in order to claim a badge. It's still an honor system, and only works rhizomatically if the claim code is not broadcast, but sent privately via private messages or e-mail.

My experiment is thus: I will create a badge in Credly, that is claimable with a code, and requires evidence in the form of a URL to a #rhizo15 artifact. This can be anything - blog posts, tweets, images, videos, whatever you want it to be. I will send that code to a few people to seed the process. Those people can then send the code to others they feel should have the badge for rhizo15, and so on, repeating as often as will happen organically. It will be interesting to see how many claim the badge, and the evidence they submit for it.

Let's see what happens!

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Teresa Mackinnon said...

Thanks James, you inspired me to set up a badge for another project I am embarking on at the moment. Let us know when your #rhizo15 badge is ready :)

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