Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rhizo15 Intro

I'm excited to be starting out in the rhizo15 experience! The ramp-up has been fun to observe, the course seems to have started without too much regard for the 'official' start date, and that's awesome! Learning is messy business, and when motivated learners get together, it's tough to hold them back with technicalities.

Where to begin the journey? Dave C. recommends an introduction. Anywhere. There is a home base of sorts at, and the FaceBook group has been very active during the lead-up to today. I've found pockets of rhizo learners in nearly every place I've looked.

I decided to start by rooting, so to speak, in my blog, and sending out shoots to the sites I use most frequently. I don't know which areas will take off, or even with which topics, and that's ok! It's a 'send it out and see what happens' approach instead of a 'build it and they will come' approach. It's a welcome change from what I usually do.

And, by the way, what I usually do is instructional design and teaching. I'm a doctoral candidate in workforce development and adult learning at Ohio State University. I teach for Ohio State, and I'm an instructional designer at Capital University. I will be teaching at Capital in the fall, too. I've had over 20 years in IT and ed tech in higher ed at the director level, so I've been around technology and learning for a while.

I'm into digital badges, digital citizenship, adult learning, and online learning. If you want to know more about me, tweet me, find me on LinkedIn or Google+, or just ask me! All of my network is discoverable.

Here's to a robust start to the rhizo15 trip!


Simon Ensor said...

Hi James. Be interested to hear more about your interest in badges. I recommend rooting around :-)

Scott J said...

Hey James, workforce development sounds interesting. Problem I saw in the college where I worked was too much emphasis on employ-ability and nothing on being an independent thinker and worry that education has become strictly training.

Vanessa Vaile said...

Hello James (and thank you for the reminder about introducing). I'm retired, not actively teaching unless collecting and sharing stuff across diverse platforms and networks counts. I'm interested in adult learning too, especially heutagogy and supporting self-paced study.

Just because I was around in the last Rhizo doesn't mean I have the foggiest notion where I am going in this one.

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